Sanitary Piping

The sanitary piping we offer is a product of superior specification, capable of satisfying the needs and requirements of sanitary drainage conduction by gravity, with higher quality and with a longer useful life in favour of the environment.

This pipeline is used for gravity conduction in sanitary sewer systems, sewer networks, collectors and emitters, among others.

  • Available in diameters from 100 mm to 1,500 mm (4 “to 60”).
  • Greater thickness in its interior wall, which increases the stiffness of the pipe.
  • Greater Abrasion Resistance extending its useful life even in the conduction of effluents with abrasive and chemically aggressive materials.
  • Design of spigot-bell joint with elastomeric packing in diameters from 4 “to 15 ‘and double from 18” to 60 “.
  • Double ceramic band in green in diameters from 18 “to 60” Interior wall in high contrast white color.