Pressure Piping

Leaders of the prestigious AGRU brand, leaders in the market, we offer its extensive range of pipes and accessories.

This product range includes a wide selection of top quality PE 100 products for water and gas supply and wastewater disposal.

In addition to the PE tubes, we have the connections, valves and special PE 100 components that offer a long service life and no need for maintenance, especially in this field of application.

All common connection techniques such as butt welding, socket welding and electrofusion welding can be used, which allows a flexible installation even in special conditions.

For example, when installing water or gas supply pipes or for the disposal of wastewater in the open air, Sureline PE 100-RC pipes or SurePEX pipes are the ideal solution.

AGRUSureFIT pipes that are installed by the Close-Fit method are ideal for cleaning old pipes without having to make new holes for installation.

The large cost of installing or renewing supply networks poses massive demands on the material of the pipeline and the products themselves to ensure a leak-proof system for generations.

Industrial Pipelines
This range of AGRUproducts offers a wide selection of pipes for the transport of aggressive media as well as accessories, valves and special components.

To deal with the multiple operating conditions in its industrial use we work with different materials among which are the PE, PP, PVDF and ECTFE.

Together with the large selection of materials, the different individual components of the pipes allow a wide spectrum of diameters and lengths to be selected, making them especially suitable for plant construction.

In the area in which the piping systems shine in a special way, it is in the transport of corrosive media, such as acids, since their resistant structure guarantees a useful life for many years.

The connection of pipes, fittings, valves and special components is made by different welding techniques: butt welding, infrared, socket, or electrofusion.

The materials of PE (polyethylene) and PP (polypropylene) have special importance in this field. Its great resistance to chemicals, its wide range of high temperature applications and its easy installation are just some of the main advantages of these plastics.

The fields of application of these materials range from:

  • Cooling water pipes.
  • Pipes in plants.
  • Pressurized systems for the transport of aggressive media to pipes for the elimination of contaminated wastewater.
  • Residual gas and piping systems in the construction of appliances and containers.