The pipes brand ADS STORMTITE of pluvial drainage and road drainage system is triumphing in the market in the management of hermetic drains for gravity for 12 years.

It has an efficient design that stands out for its mechanical properties, its resistance in the conduction of abrasive chemicals, its hydraulic performance and its structural resistance, all this together with its proven superior hermeticity, make the STORMTITE pipe the total solution for storm drainage systems culverts roads and applications of extreme demand.

STORMTITE, double-walled tube DW, is designed and manufactured in compliance with AASHTO standards M252-09 (4 “to 12”) AASHTO M294-13 (15 “to 60”) ASTM F 2306-13 (12 “to 60” ) and the Mexican standard issued by the Ministry of Communications and Transportation N-CMT-3-06110 (4 “to 60”).


  • Storm sewer systems
  • Road drainage
  • Retention and Detention
  • Leaching and Infiltration
  • Sports and recreational fields


  • Available in diameters from 4 “to 60”.
  • Greater thickness in its interior wall, which increases the stiffness of the pipe.
  • Greater resistance to abrasion, extending its useful life even in the conduction of effluents with abrasive materials.
  • Design of spigot-bell joint with elastometric packing in diameters from 4 “to 15” and double from 18 “to 60”.
  • Double ceramic band in green in diameters from 18 “to 60”
  • Interior wall in high contrast white color.