Piping for Fire Systems

We have high quality underground fire protection systems made of PE100 (-RC). We offer the widest range of products, from 63 mm to 630 mm, for operating pressures of 175 and 200 psi.

For the application of underground fire protection systems, AGRU provides a complete range of pipes, accessories and special items approved by FM. These high quality products are intended to protect assets and minimize possible losses. The products approved by FM are objectively tested and in accordance with the demanding international standards.

The pipes and fittings approved by FM are tested under extreme conditions for application in fire extinguishing systems.
Underground fire protection systems made of PE 100 (-RC) are maintenance-free, leak-proof and resistant to:

  • Seismic activities (soil settlements)
  • Pressure increases (water hammer)
  • Resistant to abrasion
  • Point load
  • Rapid propagation of cracks
  • Root penetration

Other advantages are:

  • Corrosion free (particle free)
  • Easy to install (flexible system)
  • No inlays (no pressure loss, low energy costs)
  • Reliable performance

Because FM approved products are tested with high quality and safety, the cost of property insurance can be significantly reduced.

When using FM approved products, high reliability and operational safety can be expected.