Pipes and Plumbing System PEX

The advance technology PEX from REHAU offers you and your customers unrivaled benefits and is easy to install.

The cross-linked polyethylene pipe is manufactured using the high pressure peroxide method.

The high degree of crosslinking results in a durable but flexible tube, with an improved capacity to withstand high temperatures and long-term shelf life. When compared to metal tubes, the low thermal conductivity of the PEX pipe reduces heat loss and condensation.

Four times lighter than copper and flexible, it is easy to install!

The Coupling System is the EVERLOC:
Made of solid brass, REHAU’s unique EVERLOC sliding cap adjustment system was designed to withstand even the most difficult operating conditions.

EVERLOC accessories do not require heat or solvent and are ready to be used immediately. They have a larger internal diameter than typical PEX snap ring fittings, which results in better flow characteristics and less pressure loss.

You will appreciate the benefits of our PEX Plumbing System:

  • It does not puncture or corrode, giving years of consistent water flow and pressure.
  • The smooth inner wall resists fouling and deposit buildup when used with high hardness water or distilled water.
  • The coupling system is reliable and easy to install even in hard to reach places.
  • Unlike metal tubes, RAUPEX expands to minimize the sudden increases in pressure and noise caused by it.
  • It is also resistant to freezing.
  • RAUPEX does not become brittle at typical installation temperatures. Its full operating range is -184 ° F to 248 ° F (-120 ° C to 120 ° C).
  • PEX pipes and fittings are available in 3/8 “to 2” sizes.
  • Limited warranty of 25 years.