They are geosynthetics for reinforcement with an open flat structure made of high strength and durability polymers.

They are two-dimensional structures that are made in different polymers so that they interact with the soil, in such a way that they complement the resistance to the tension of this, and thus create a geogrid-soil resistance competent to receive loads and distribute them uniformly.

They are classified in:

  • Unidirectional
  • Bidirectional
  • Multidirectional

Its main application occurs in retaining walls, embankments, flexible pavements, unpaved roads and foundations.

There are several types of geogrids:

  • Biaxial
    • BXG 110 of 20 kN resistance
    • BXG 120 of 30 kN resistance
  • Uniaxial
    • Miragrid® 2XT
    • Miragrid® 3XT
    • Miragrid® 5X
    • Miragrid® 7XT
    • Miragrid® 8XT
    • Miragrid® 10XT
    • Miragrid® 20XT
    • Miragrid® 22XT
    • Miragrid® 24XT