Drainage Geocompounds

TenCate develops and produces materials that work to increase performance, reduce costs and deliver measurable results by working with our customers to provide advanced solutions.

The drainage compound of the Mirafi G series is differentiated by:

  • Constant, long-term proven performance due to a multidirectional core configuration that provides a uniform flow path for water to escape.
  • Relief of accumulation of hydrostatic pressure against underground surfaces.
  • High-flow drainage capacity of up to three times the flow capacity of the aggregate or sand, ensuring effective drainage for virtually any drainage need.
  • Core of high resistance to compression that supports the installation and earth voltages in situ. Cost saving due to light weight, easy to install panels of 1.22 m x 15.24 m (4 ‘x 50’). This saves the transportation cost of bringing added to the construction site.


Mirafi G100N, G200N and G100W drainage compounds are designed for use in high flow vertical applications and high compressive strength where a single or double sided subsoil drainage filter layer is needed.