Bioblanckets for Erosion Control

ORGANIC BIOBLANCKETS for the control of erosion and protection of vegetation.

Due to the erosion control effect of the organic blankets, the soil particles are retained between the interstices of the blanket, joining their fibers in their decomposition indefinitely.

Therefore, organic blankets effectively perform the following functions:

  • Increase the roughness of the bed.
  • Decrease the speed of the flow.
  • Facilitate the infiltration of water into the ground.
  • Slow run-off.
  • Exercise of vegetable mulch, which is fixed and incorporated into the soil after some time.
  • Cushion the soil temperature.
  • Decrease evaporation of retained water.
  • Increase its microbial activity and cation exchange.
  • Encourage the implantation of vegetation.

In short, it improves the conservation of the soil and plants, reducing damage by droughts or