Bentonite Geocompounds

Product description

It is a reinforced coating of punched geosynthetic clay, consisting of a uniform layer of granular bentonite encapsulated between a woven and nonwoven geotextile or between two nonwoven geotextiles. These products are designed for moderate to steep slopes and moderate to high load applications, where greater internal resistance to shear stress is required.

Bentonite geomatics have applications in areas such as primary or secondary containment in composite landfill cells and closures, leach pads in mining piles, tailings dams and claims, as well as ponds and ponds.

Technical aspects

It is available in roll widths of up to 15.5 feet and is hydraulically superior to several feet of compacted clay of 1 × 10-7 cm / sec. The geosynthetic clay coating has high internal resistance and shear interface for stability of the slope.


  • A truck load covers 3/4 of an acre.
  • Natural sodium bentonite is self-healing and self-sealing.
  • Bentonite is compatible with municipal solid waste leachate and mining solutions.
  • Compatibility with other waste streams can be established. Site-specific tests are always recommended.
  • Installs more efficiently than traditional layers of compacted clay.
  • Reduction of the time of CQA (Assurance of the quality of the construction) and costs of tests.