A turbidity curtain, also known as a turbidity barrier, sediment barrier or silt curtain, is used to contain turbidity (sediment and silt) that is agitated by construction activities that take place in or near water bodies, operations of dredging and escaped rainwater. The floating turbidity curtains have a series of continuous flotation elements along their upper part and a fabric skirt that hangs below the floats.

The skirt is normally long enough to be within one foot of the bottom and can be used to contain sediment. Turbidity curtains and silt curtains are usually manufactured in lengths of 25, 50 or 100 feet and these sections are joined to form a continuous containment barrier enclosing a work site. These silt curtains also come in three different types, which depend on different applications and environmental variables. Our turbidity control specialists will help you to comply with all regulations and requirements that may apply to your project.